If you think raising teens is hard in today's world...



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As parents it is our responsibility

to make sure our teens are happy, successful, unafraid of challenges, and resilient.

(Seriously though, no pressure right?)

The most common mental struggle in teens is anxiety.


If left untreated, chronic anxiety can lead to more serious mental health problems like depression, substance abuse, and even suicide.

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Even if you could read your teen’s mind to gain some clarity, there is no guarantee that you would even know where to start to help them.



It’s because you don’t understand their brain.



And they don’t understand their brain either.

But here's the thing...


Anxiety isn't complicated when you understand the brain.

Hi, I'm Coach Sami


My anxiety started in my teens and continued to affect all aspects of my life from there.

If I only knew how to navigate my anxiety when I was a teen I would have saved myself from so much unnecessary suffering.

I am a mom to four kids now—who all have their own anxieties! I refuse to let them grow up without the skills and knowledge that I was lacking as a teen. (Sorry, not sorry kids, you won’t grow up with the same mental battles your mama did. You’ll be years ahead in the game of life.)

My work is to teach teens how to be self confident, overcome anxiety, and navigate life—so that they can start to enjoy being a teen.

Two Things I Believe With All My Heart:

I believe raising teens is the best part of parenting. Being with my teens is 100% my favorite thing ever. 

Every teen (and parent!) deserves to have this time in their life be full of fun, happiness, and connection.

Your Teen Needs Help but...

  • They don't understand what they need
  • They refuse to go to therapy
  • They won't talk about what's going on
  • They disengage in treatment
  • They shut down
  • They can't explain why they feel the way they feel
  • They think it will just go away
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What Is Your Teen's Anxiety Stealing From Their Life?

These are some of the things my clients are dealing with.

What are you seeing?

  • Struggling to make good friends
  • Having a hard time navigating relationships
  • Not being able to stand up for themselves and set boundaries
  • Comparing themselves to everyone around them
  • Isolating in their room
  • Avoiding things they love
  • Not really loving who they are
  • Wasting their lives away on social media
  • Managing emotions
  • Being overwhelmed and procrastinating

The teen years don't have to be like this!



Your teen doesn't need another sport or activity to overcome their anxiety or create self confidence.



You don't have to spend months on a waitlist for a good therapist, while watching everything get worse.

Your teen just needs to understand their brain!

Anxiety is easy—when you understand your brain.

That’s why I have created this course for teens. Anxiety starts in the brain and can STOP in the brain. The Wreck Your Anxiety Course empowers teens to understand how their mind works and unravel their own struggles to overcome any obstacle in their way. It is a combination of six video courses with Coach Sami and a set of exercises with each video. 

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Anxiety Course Overview

The Wreck Your Anxiety Course is a six-week, self-paced online course to help your teen understand what is happening when they feel anxious and how to respond to their body's natural response to the world around them. Each lesson comes with a set of exercises to help your teen apply and practice the lesson material.

Lesson 1: What Your Anxiety is all About
Lesson 2: The Thought + Anxiety Equation
Lesson 3: Exactly HOW to Change Your Thinking
Lesson 4: Creating Self Confidence - The Wrecking Ball of Anxiety
Lesson 5: Getting Uncomfortable
          and Thought Errors
Lesson 6: Goals and Future Thinking
Anxiety Maintenance Video: Now What?


Sami's programs work!! I realized how much I was letting other people's opinions influence what I thought of myself.

Thanks to Sami, I'm now SO much better at letting other people's comments slide off me and instead choosing to see the best in myself. I feel so much less anxious and more confident!

Erica, 14

Why Does This Program Work?

  • Teens don't need to worry about judgement or being understood—they can get the material they need right from the course
  • Teens can take the course in the comfort of their own home and go at their preferred pace
  • Coach Sami teaches all of the tips and tricks teens need to know to stop letting anxiety rule their life in easy to understand ways
  • Teens have access to Coach Sami to ask any questions  while completing the course

Why a Life Coach?

As a life coach, my job is to identify and describe current problematic behaviors and thinking patterns so that teens can modify them. Good life coaching is like magic—it unlocks your inner superpowers and changes your life forever. It helps you reach into your core being, love yourself, and take control of your life... your way!


I am a Teen-Anxiety Expert

One thing I am extremely good at is feeling anxious (I should really have a trophy)! Because I am so good at feeling anxious, I know exactly how to conquer it. Self confidence is possible for every teen! I love working with teens and showing them the way to a happier, anxiety-free life.  


I absolutely LOVE what I do!


Let's get your happy teen back!

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15 Year-Old Teen

"Whenever there is something I come up against now, I think “How would Sami have me work through this?” and if I can’t quite do it on my own, she is always there to help me. Her insights have been invaluable to me."

Mom of a Teen

"My daughter still struggles with some friendship and social issues but I have been amazed at how she handles them differently. So much less anxiety than she used to have."

17 Year-Old Teen

"Sami taught me a lot about how to deal with anxieties in situations and I've been using those tools and it really does help. I'm so grateful for the things I've learned that will help me throughout my life."

As a parent, you know your teen is remarkable and amazing.


Are you tired of watching them believe otherwise?

Empower Your Teen To Solve Their Own Struggles

Wreck Your Anxiety In Six Weeks


Course for teens Includes

  • Six Video Lessons
  • Exercises with each video lesson
  • VERY IMPORTANT TEEN BONUS! Two 30-minute private coaching sessions worth $200
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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